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Why buy a new build home?

Purchasing a previously owned home has its advantages. It might be full of character and in an established neighbourhood, or it might be a property with potential for improvement. However, there are many advantages of buying new too!

Not only is a brand new home energy efficient and cheaper to run, but it’s also a turn-key property, meaning you can move in and make it your own without any need for expensive renovations.

At both Pennywell Living and Pollokshaws Living, our high-quality apartments are located within a thriving community and benefit from our trademark features of bright, spacious rooms, energy-efficiency and great storage.

Moreover, every home comes equipped with all the components necessary for modern life, including well-finished, fully integrated kitchens, a neutral décor, and airy living areas suitable for a wide range of buyers.

But what are the other benefits of a newly built home?


Window installation within new home development


Your home warranty

A new home will be structurally sound and less likely to need repairs for many years. With an older home, you could find that it will experience ongoing problems simply through wear and tear and so it’s essential to set aside a budget for decorating and minor repairs with any home you buy.

After several years you may need to replace the windows and manage an established garden.

Here in Scotland, we have weather-related problems such as leaky roofs and dampness, which could result in expensive repairs.

A new property from Urban Union will have a building warranty, safeguarding you against large repair payments typical of older properties.


New homes for sale with improved energy efficiency


Improved energy efficiency within new homes

You will also be able to save money through your new home’s improved energy efficiency – something we are all extremely conscious of in the face of rising energy bills.

Although the price cap was reduced – this is due to expire in April, after which, we don’t yet know what the rise will be. As a society, we are placing much more importance on eco-friendly elements within our homes and helping the UK to reach net zero. Home energy efficiency is a massive part of how we deal with this collectively.

New homes are built with energy efficiency features and are constructed to a higher standard than in previous years. They must adhere to minimum standards when it comes to energy efficiency, leading to lower household carbon footprints and lower energy bills.

When buying a new build home, you won’t be wasting money on heat escaping via poor insulation or old windows.


First time buyers, woman and dog, enjoying safe new build home


Higher safety and security specification within new build homes

And finally, compared to your current property, newly built developments have the most up-to-date standards on safety and security incorporated. Materials must be fire-resistant with detectors fitted for you.

In addition, the overall designs are also built with fire safety and evacuation in mind.

Security is often standard, too, giving both peace of mind as well as helping to bring down home, building and contents insurance fees.


New build homes, apartments ideal for a first time buyer

Reserve your space within an Urban Union development

If searching for your new home and now finding yourself inspired to invest in a brand new development, then get in touch with Urban Union.

We currently have one and two bedroom apartments, available to reserve within our Pollokshaws Living and Pennywell Living sites – with Hamiltonhill and Laurieston (Phase 3) launching in the near future.

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