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Customer highlight: showing the potential of our new build apartments

With only a few apartments now remaining within our Pollokshaws Living (Glasgow Southside) and Pennywell Living(Edinburgh/ Leith) developments it seemed the right time to highlight the potential of our new builds, with the help of Laurieston Living homeowner

Having now recently sold their current two bedroom apartment, upgrading to one of our new townhouse options at Laurieston Living, they are the perfect example of ways in which a blank canvas can be turned in to your dream home. As the following images will show.


affordable first time buyer homes in pollokshaws Glasgow

From new first time buyer to interior expert

This homeowner moved in to their two bedroom apartment as a first time buyer in 2020, opting not to choose from our range of pre-fitted flooring prior to moving in.

Walls at the time were freshly plastered and white throughout and since then they have brought in a dark palette of blues and blacks, even utilising ceiling areas to make the property their own. As well as installing light oak flooring and grey carpets between the hallway/ kitchen/ dining area and bedrooms.

This combined with carefully selected furniture and accessories has made for a unique and contemporary living space.


Ample natural lighting sources, combined with energy efficient lighting

All of which is further complemented by the natural lighting source provided by our full height windows, which feature throughout the open plan living space and bedroom areas.

As well as this, energy efficient lighting is installed throughout our apartments, meaning you are not only saving on your energy bills but contributing to a more sustainable future.


New bathrooms with shower over bath facilities

Moving on to our bathrooms, all apartments are supplied part tiled as standard with shower over bath facilities provided in all. choose to expand on this when moved in by painting the walls and also adding additional Carrara Marble tiles to complement the Slate Grey already in place.

Spacious and versatile living arrangements

However the most commendable feature by the homeowner is their use of space throughout the home, which cannot go unnoticed. Clever furniture arrangements have created a flow throughout the apartment, as well as resourceful use of corner areas to facilitate home working.

All of this combined makes for a unique new home for the new owner and highlights the true potential of what a new build home can become if you have the vision and creativity.

first time buyer opportunity for new build homes in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Interested in purchasing a new build Urban Union apartment?

If you can now see the potential of a new build Urban Union apartment and are keen to make a viewing appointment, please get in touch with our Sales team directly.

Pollokshaws Living has both one and two bedroom apartments available, meanwhile one bedroom apartment remains at Pennywell Living – we suggest getting in touch as soon as possible.

Pollokshaws Living: 07498 057112 or

Pennywell Living: 07940 992182 or

Why our apartments are the perfect first time buyer homes

Three words to describe an Urban Union apartment? Energy efficient, modern and spacious.

Designed for modern day living these one and two bedroom options have an open plan living layout, built-in cupboard space, separate utility room and more. Which means you not only have a much more manageable home, but a functional one.

Looking to be convinced? Read on to find out more about our new build Glasgow and Edinburgh homes, and why they are suited to your lifestyle.


energy efficient first time buyer properties with energy saving lightbulbs

High energy efficiency rating = savings on your home bills

Firstly, as a contemporary new build, all of our apartments are built with an environmentally friendly ethos in mind. This means that all of our apartments are fully double glazed, fitted with a hi-efficient combo boiler as standard, completely insulated and installed with energy efficient appliances.

The benefit of this to you as a first time homeowner means you will be more likely to be approved for a green mortgage offer, due to the epic rating, and you will also receive ongoing benefits through saving on your monthly energy bills.


Proximity to City Centre locations

As well as this you can also save by relying less on your car for travelling, due to our apartments proximity to City Centre locations and the convenience of great local transport links.

By being so close (20 mins or less) to Glasgow/ Edinburgh you will have a quick and easy commute, but can also take advantage of nearby nightlife, socialising option, shopping destinations, restaurants and more.


An entirely blank canvas to make your home your own

However, if you’re more of a home bird, our new apartments provide an entirely blank canvas for you to decorate and put your own stamp on things.

Whether it’s a splash of colour on the newly plastered walls, that furniture you’ve always dreamed off or those statement light fittings. It’s all possible with our spacious one and two bedroom apartments.


first time buyers discussing options with mortgage lender

On hand mortgage advisor options

Our apartments begin at £160,995 for a one bedroom apartment, a fixed price which can be reserved for as little as £99 at our Pennywell Living location.

Typically you will require a 5% to 15% deposit, depending on your mortgage lender. The great news is that this isn’t required until the project is complete – giving you some additional time to get your savings together.

And, if you are needing some mortgage guidance, we have a great partnership with The Mortgage Advice Bureau. Simply ask your Urban Union sales representative and they will put you in direct contact with one of their knowledgeable team members.


first time buyers supported by premier guarantee on new build apartments

Apartments supported by Premier Guarantee

The last benefit of purchasing an Urban Union apartment for first time buyers? All of our new build homes are covered by the Premier Guarantee warranty and are insured against a wide range of structural issues that could occur to your home during the 10 years after construction is completed. Providing you with peace of mind.


affordable new apartments in glasgow targeting first time buyers

Keen first time buyer looking to reserve a home?

Whether you’re looking to make the move to Glasgow or Edinburgh, you currently have the opportunity to reserve one of our last remaining one or two bedroom apartments within Pollokshaws Living and Pennywell Living.

Make sure to be quick though! As of Thursday 27th April, only three plots remain in Pennywell, with eight other plots in Pollokshaws. There will be no further apartment releases for either development after these phases sell out.

Get in touch with our Sales Teams directly to ensure you don’t miss out.

Pollokshaws Living | tel:07498 057112

Pennywell Living | tel: 07940 992182