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The Perfect BBQ

As soon as the sun comes out, so does the barbeque! We don’t often get the chance here in Scotland but it’s a great way to spend some time outdoors with friends and family and enjoy some of the great food on offer especially if you live near the coast! Here are some tips to help ensure your barbeque skills are up to scratch and you serve up nothing but exceptional food.

When you hold a barbecue there are some common problems that you can face – when to put the food on? Is it cooked on the inside? Why is it sticking to the grill? The bottom line is that you don’t want to poison your guests, so here we tackle some common problems you might face when barbequing and how to solve them. It’s not always as straightforward as it looks!

Food sticking to the grill

This is a common issue that many people experience when they are holding a barbeque and there’s nothing more annoying than half your burger lost to the coals. Make sure your coals reach the white hot stage and not before and clean the grills after each use with a lemon half to remove the grease. It will also add a nice aroma to your food. In addition, by putting lemon slices on the metal and fish on top it won’t stick and you’ll get the barbeque flavour with your food intact.

Uneven cooking

Do you find that some foods are over cooked whereas some aren’t cooked enough? To avoid this, make sure you create different temperature zones on your barbeque so you can distribute food properly. Arrange most of the coals in one section for quick cooking items and a single layer in one area that will be less hot which is ideal for items that require longer cooking such as chicken or sausages.

Dry food

If your burgers are dry, try putting them in a thick ring of onion to keep in the onion and add flavour. You can also add moisture and flavour to your food by spraying a mix of soy or balsamic to food whilst it’s cooking.