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Inspired Interiors

Much of the current interior design trends we see here in the UK originate from places far and wide, from decorative Moroccan lamps to the clean lines of Scandi wooden furniture, it’s now even easier to channel your most sought after travel destination into your interiors. Here’s some inspiration.


There’s nowhere cosier than Scotland in the winter with its roaring fires, tweed fabrics and faux fur. To bring the Highlands theme into your home, use tartan furnishings and floor coverings, faux fur throws and natural wool carpet. You can also bring some added interest into your home with open brick, fairy lights and faux stag designs and wall decorations.


Indian styling for our home is among the most exotic, interesting and complex styles to work with. Due to the differences in the culture, history and art across the country, Indian interior design has many variants. Bring splashes of colour into your home using yellows, rich browns and burnt oranges for your walls and floors. Yellows and pinks on the fluorescent side of the spectrum and startling blues and greens can be used for soft furnishings. You could use solid wood, decorative cabinets and chairs along with brightly painted or embellished frames and mirrors with inlay work if you want a more subtle Indian theme.

The Caribbean

Vibrant furniture and vivid coloured walls will add some colour and light to any sun depleted rooms. Bright yellow and aqua blue is perfect for adding some Caribbean sunshine into your home – if you’re brave enough you can paint a feature wall or introduce it slowly with soft furnishings and combine it with some monochrome prints to balance out the look.

New York, New York

Channel Brooklyn-inspired lofts if your destination of choice is the Big Apple. Achieve the traditional Brownstown look by exposing distressed brick walls, dangling industrial lights from spindly cables and opting for basic unfinished oak worktops. Metal and wood combinations are ideal for the loft theme.


Bright yellows, greens and lots of light are required for this theme. You can even bring in some animal print – it doesn’t have to be tacky and dated!  Introduce a hammock chair or animal skins to complement the theme.


If you love the beach, surfing and boating, bring the theme into your home with a clean pallet featuring neutral greys, pale blues and cream along with natural fibre rugs, wicker baskets, white furniture, wooden wall panelling and chains of dainty shells.

The Jungle

An evergreen design in vibrant emerald hues or even just black and white stencils of canopy leaves instantly adds a tropical atmosphere to any interior.


Beautiful warm reds, pretty coloured lights and stunning intricate patterns can help to create a Moroccan theme – the trick is to clash stripes, geometrics and chevron prints in similar shades and use lighting to create beautiful reflections.

The Alps

Chalet inspired rooms are perfect for this theme – think wood flooring, exposed brick, shaggy faux fur, firewood displays, exposed timber and cosy cushions to make it feel like you are sitting on top of the world.