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Peace of mind with less clutter!

Your bedroom should be place where you can go to and just relax, your place of Zen. So it’s time to de-clutter that space to allow for maximum relaxation.

What’s under the bed?

Some might say that nothing belongs under the bed. However, if you are short on wardrobe and drawer space then under the bed storage can be your saving grace. Store any out of season clothes or accessories in vacuum storage bags. However, before storing them away until next season be sure to throw out any items that are worn out, ripped or that you didn’t wear all season.

Invest in some baskets or hampers that fit with the theme of the room – these can be used for storing laundry or throw pillows, anything that would usually end on the floor really.

Pillow talk

Everyone is a sucker these days for a good pillow, but again less is more! Don’t go overboard on the throw pillows, it is recommended that you stick to no more than a trio of pillows.

De clutter your living room

Your living room is your space – you spend a lot of your time here so it is important that it has a warm, cosy and purposeful feel that can be acquired by being a clutter free space.

Clear your coffee table 

Start by clearing the infamous coffee table that is the route of all clutter. These tables are the focal point of most living rooms and should remain tidy and stylish at all times, as tempting as it can be to load the table up with books, flowers, coasters and candles less is actually more. Maybe place two books and some flowers on top and leave it there, or just books or just a candle. Trial a number of different presentations and see what works best for you in your space, but keep it as clear as possible.

Books on shelves

To help relieve the clutter from your coffee table you can put up shelves around your living room to display your aesthetically pleasing book collection. Or even get yourself a bookcase to make better use of your space and you can fill it with finished books, you can even dedicate some of the shelves to photo frames and candles.

Too many cushions?

Like with pillows, don’t go overboard on your sofa. However, if you have a large sofa than you can fit more in. Be sure to pick cushions that complement the décor within the living room and don’t go over the top with colours and patterns.

Once you have completed the de-cluttering process the hard work does not end there – you have to maintain a clutter free living. Make sure that everything in your home has its own home, make a point of ensuring that everything is in its place when you leave each room, that way when it comes to your next clear out it will not be as difficult, or as long.