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Edinburgh and Glasgow Among Best Cities to Raise a Family

When you’re raising a family it’s important to choose a place to live that can facilitate all aspects of family life. From finance and healthcare to childcare and schooling, the city in which we live can have a huge impact on the quality of our life and that of our children.

A new study from CIA Landlord looked at the best cities to raise a family by analysing aspects that are important to parents. These included the cost of property or rent, childcare and household bills. It also looked at the number of local schools, crime levels, local attractions, pollution index, the general cost of bills and general quality of life. The cities were ranked based on these metrics to determine which city was the best location for raising a family.

Globally Helskinki ranked top as the healthiest place to raise a family, with low rents and a high happiness score. In terms of raising a family and place in which to relocate, Reykjavik ranked top as the best global city.

Here in the UK, top of the ranking was Belfast – using the metrics of quality of life, crime rate index, number of outdoor activities, number of local schools, cost of monthly childcare and cost of monthly rent. In the top ten four of the cities were here in Scotland including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen. In fact, if the levels of crime are a main concern for you as a family, Edinburgh ranked third as the safest place to raise a family.


Edinburgh ranked as the sixth best place for families to live in the UK with 476 local attractions, 141 local schools and the cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment standing at £1,517.68. The cost of childcare in Edinburgh averaged at £812.50 and the cost of Monthly bills is £143.85.


Glasgow ranked eighth in the top 10 UK cities with 402 local attractions, rent of a three-bedroom apartment £1,142.05, 187 local schools, childcare costs of £675.04 per month, and monthly bills at £113.30.

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