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Choices and Selections – Home Décor

Your Urban Union home already has a superb specification as noted in our site-specific brochure, but we recognise that you may wish to personalise your new home. Subject to the construction stage and type of property you are buying, it may be possible for you to choose certain items to be included within your new Urban Union home.

Take a look at these interior design trends that are reshaping homes this year – perhaps it will help you decide how your new home could look.

Following the pandemic, we have all spent much more time in our homes and as a result, the interior trends for 2021 appear to be about creating a comfortable, peaceful and relaxed home that mixes modern and vintage whilst layering textures. One area that homeowners appear to be focused on more than ever, is our outside space.

With restrictions easing in the next month, we will be able to have friends and family in our gardens – and with many people working from home for the foreseeable future, outside offices are more popular than ever.


Homeowners are spending time creating a space that enables us to escape the outside world. Layers of soft, natural textures are an easy trend that we can all incorporate into our home decor. Using different types of natural textures and materials in shades of the same colour will add personality and character to a room without overwhelming the room.

Natural organic colour pigments are at the heart of this trend with cool blues and greys mixed with warmer pinks and cream, using soft fabrics such as velvet, faux fur, natural sisal and wool. A great way to incorporate this theme is to include blankets, throws, cushions and rugs. In addition, accessories made from rope, string or twine can add a natural element to your home.


A popular trend for this year is the use of dried flowers to decorate the home, making a change from green and vibrant houseplants, which are still as fashionable. Dried flowers last longer and require no maintenance. Many florists now offer dried flowers as a bouquet option.

Earthy colours

A natural palette is set to be a big trend this year. Earthy toned pigments are proving popular when it comes to selecting a bold shade for an accent wall, furniture, flooring or splashbacks. Dark greens, blues and teals make statement even when used in a subtle way. You can choose just one part of the room decor such as a wall, a rug or sofa cushions.


Cottagecore is a trend that is sweeping social media. It sums up a homely look for with traditional touches, such as parquet flooring, exposed beams and bare brick. Add charm with vintage pieces and gold or brass accessories.

Natural light

Homes filled with natural light appear spacious and desirable. Homeowners are looking for more ways to introduce natural light into their homes to brighten up the darkest corners of your home. Open-plan living spaces can enhance the natural light and roof windows are also popular especially in a home office.

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