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Using natural elements in your home

By bringing natural elements from outside into your home, you may find that you improve the calming effects of your environment. Including natural elements in your home is known as Biophilic Design and it enables us to connect with nature to boost our sense of wellbeing.

Here are some ideas of how to bring the outside in!

Check your windows

Make sure that your view of the outside world is uninterrupted by blinds and curtains that don’t need to be there if privacy isn’t an issue during the day. Also ensure your windows are sparkling clean – you’ll be amazed at the difference clean windows will make to the light in your home.

Go green

House plants look great and purify the air at the same time. Potted plants can be put on tables, shelves or mantlepieces and if you have any high up areas consider an ivy that will cascade down and add a fantastic touch of greenery to your interior.

Wall panelling

Using natural on a wall can really enhance your interiors – consider authentic hardwood or even bamboo. Flooring can be installed on walls and of course you can source natural wall panelling – it’s worth talking to your local flooring shop to discuss the installation and the best materials for your home.

Mixing textures

Combine wood with natural grass such as sisal and jute or use fast-growing bamboo, linens and cottons. The key to mixing and matching is to use neutral tones and let the materials do the talking! Organic materials can help you create a natural environment – and it can be also introduced into soft furnishings with sheepskins and linen cushions and throws.

Don’t forget the scent

As well as making your home visually pleasant it’s also important not to forget about the scent in your home. Bring in scents from the outdoors with bergamot, lavender, camomile and rose. You can use candles or aromatherapy devices to ensure your home always smells as great as it looks. Fresh herbs also work well as well as being practical for cooking!