A Guide to Buying a Home From Urban Union - Urban Union Ltd

Purchasing a new home from Urban Union Ltd.

When you purchase a new home with Urban Union, the process is simple, easy to follow and we will guide you every step of the way. At present you can reserve one of the remaining one bedroom apartments at Muirton Living for just £99 with a sale price of £100,000 plus floor coverings included as an added incentive, making it move-in ready and an affordable option, especially for first time buyers.

Buying a home can be daunting but with Urban Union, once you reserve your new home it’s off the market and won’t be sold to anyone else during the reservation period. The reservation fee will also be deducted from any balance due at legal completion.

For many people it’s the first time they have had to consider everything that is involved. That’s why our Sales Advisors have been carefully selected and are highly trained to provide you with the highest standards of service possible. You will receive regular telephone calls to keep you up to date with progress and to advise what you/we need to do next to ensure agreed deadlines are met.

Here’s a brief week by week guide to how the purchasing process works.

Reservation day

Once you have reserved your property it’s time to appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf.

Within two days

Talk to a mortgage advisor and submit your mortgage application – remember to provide this to information to your Sales Advisor.

Your lender will instruct a Surveyor to inspect your new home and carry out a valuation for the mortgage lender for the purposes of your mortgage.

Once everything has been checked you should receive a mortgage offer via your mortgage advisor or direct from the lender. Sign and return the agreement.

Within two weeks

Solicitors for Urban Union will forward the offer to your Solicitor. You should then meet with your Mortgage Advisor and take with you the following for each person who is buying the property:

  1. A copy of your UK driving licence or full UK passport showing your signature.
  2. Details of your place of residence for the past five years together with a Council Tax bill, bank statement and utility bill.
  3. Your P60 and original pay slips for the past three months. N.B If you have been employed with your current company for less than three years you will need to supply the name and address of your previous employer(s).
  4. If you already have a mortgage you will need to supply the name and address of the mortgage lenders together with your account number and last mortgage statement.
  5. If you are currently living in rented accommodation you will need to provide the name and address of your landlord together with a rent book, where applicable.
  6. If you currently have any hire purchase agreements, you will need to provide details of the agreements. You may also be required to provide a copy of the original loan agreement and proof that all payments have been made.
  7. Certain personal details will be required such as your National Insurance Number, your tax code and tax office.
  8. Payment of the survey fee may be required.
  9. Your mortgage lender will carry out credit checks on your financial status over the past five years and it is therefore imperative that you advise your Mortgage Advisor if you have been in arrears on any financial commitment, including mortgage, council tax, HP agreements etc.

Within one week

Your Solicitor should have concluded missives for your purchase and have paid any balance of the deposit.

Please note, the conclusion of missives deadline periods may vary according to the reservation conditions.

Congratulations! – You have concluded missives on your brand new Urban Union home!