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What Makes a Great Kitchen?

The kitchen is the hub of the home – it’s the place in the home where we gather to cook, eat, socialise, entertain, relax and, since the pandemic, many of us have been using the kitchen as a place to work.

When designed well, the kitchen can be the most enjoyable room in the home. There is more to a great kitchen than just comfort and aesthetics – it also has to be practical and useable, and the design has to inspire great purpose and accessibility.


It’s all in the design.

The most important aspect of the kitchen design is having enough space to prepare and cook food. After all, this is the primary purpose. It should sufficiently support the storage of utensils, pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and food whilst allowing space to cook and prepare food. Drawers and cabinets should be well-organised and well placed for easy access.

A good kitchen layout should feature a worktop for the use of any purpose and wide enough to enable you chop and prepare food whilst still having room for kitchen equipment and gadgets such as the kettle & coffee maker, toaster, mixers, food storage and more. If the kitchen is open plan, it’s even more important that it has been cleverly designed in order to keep everything clear and tidy otherwise the clutter will encroach on your living space.

Good lighting is essential with general lighting as well as task lighting to enable you to work efficiently and safely. It should also utilise the natural light in the room.

Finally, if your kitchen hasn’t been designed well, it could end up as the messiest room in your house and dirt and grease could accumulate easily making it difficult to clean and maintain.