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A New Way of Living and Working

Following the pandemic there has been a shift in how people feel about their home, and this has had a profound effect on the property market in the UK.

The lockdowns we have all experienced since March 2020 and the subsequent changing restrictions has caused people to re-evaluate what they want (and need) from their homes. Features that people previously didn’t place importance on suddenly became a priority. Gardens, a balcony, roof terrace, proximity to green spaces and a place to work or study all became must-have features.

According to a survey by Zoopla, despite working from home being the e norm for most people last year, 20% weren’t happy with their working set up. In addition, only 23% of those we surveyed had a dedicated study or workspace, with 18% working in their living room and a further 14% working in their bedrooms.
Lack of space was the biggest issue for homeowners and renters, with nearly a fifth of respondents complaining about being forced to share their workspace with a spouse, family member or housemate and 8% felt the lack of privacy for calls and virtual meetings was impacting on their work.

Open plan living has always been a popular feature of a home as people return from an office or work space and want to feel that the space in their home is maximised and allows for more sociable living. Since the pandemic 30% of people said their views on open plan layouts had changed, with 11% saying they did not think they were practical and 33% believing it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.

However, 17% of those surveyed said they now preferred the idea of open plan living – this could be because they felt cut off not being in an office environment.
Houses have been in high demand from those looking to move leading to a rise in house prices for homes with 3+ bedrooms and outside space.

Going forward, recent research from Deloitte found that 60% of people who don’t normally work from home will be doing so more often going forward and the Bank of England Chief Economist predict that 50% of all office-based staff will be working from home full or part time, compared to 5% before the pandemic.

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