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New Garden


You’ve reserved your new Urban Union home – so what about the garden?

Here at Urban Union we recommend early cultivation of your back garden in areas that it has not been landscaped. Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits, this will considerably aid natural drainage.

You’ll find information about your new garden drainage in the Premier Guarantee “Homeowner’s Handbook” booklet which you will have received on or prior to the date of settlement.

Newly laid turf should be watered daily in dry weather to ensure the best possible cover. Your lawn should be mowed regularly as this will help thicken it.

It is important that tree stakes and ties are checked regularly to ensure that they are still providing support. It is equally important that they are removed once they have done their job.

Please note that landscaping on your development will be carried out in accordance with the approved landscaping scheme, which forms part of the agreed planning permission. Further permission may therefore be required before significant alterations to the landscaping scheme can be carried out. Furthermore, where plots have grassed serviced strips with their boundary rather than footpaths, no planting should take place within these areas as outlined in the Deed of Conditions pertaining to the development.

Some individual gardens may have been allocated trees or a selection of shrubs. These will be shown on the landscaping plan in the sales office. They will be immature when planted and we ask that you give them some care and attention whilst they become established. Your trees, plants and turf should be watered regularly. It is important that new laid turf and plants are well watered until they become established. This is of importance with regards to trees and plants which were subject to a planning condition and must be replaced if they die within the fixed period stated in the Deed of Conditions governing the development. We cannot accept responsibility for any landscaping that has died through neglect. Please be careful not to plant trees and shrubs close to your property as this may cause structural damage.

Garden refuse and soil must not be allowed to obstruct the damp-proof course or air bricks on the outside of your home. Soil and paving should be kept at least 150mm below the level of damp-proof course. When each development is planned, we must comply with the relevant local authority landscaping scheme, which is designed to complement the development itself, that landscaping work will take place during recognised planting seasons. We recommend that you ask your solicitor to confirm if your property is affected, as we retain a right to access your plot to carry out the required work.

You may have a drive or pathway that has been covered with block paving. Although these areas will have been treated with weed killer prior to completion, it is the owners’ responsibility to continue to treat the area to prevent re-growth. Depending on the type of block paving specified as part of the overall site design, these may have porous drainage gaps between each block.

Talk to us about your garden in your new Urban Union property – we are here to help.