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Urban Union dedicated to workplace mental health

Building a Brighter Future: Robertson Group’s Commitment to the Lighthouse Club Mental Health Charity

In a world filled with bustling construction sites, it’s easy to forget the human aspect behind the hard hats, computer screens and heavy machinery. Construction workers and office staff are the backbone of the industry, and their well-being is paramount. Recognising this, Robertson Group has taken a significant step forward in ensuring the emotional, physical, and financial well-being of their team. We’re delighted to announce that Robertson Group is now officially a Company Supporter of the Lighthouse Club Charity, underscoring their commitment to the welfare of their workforce.

And Urban Union, as a part of Robertson Group, come under this initiative ourselves.


Urban Union registers as supporter of construction focused mental health charity

About The Lighthouse Club Charity – focusing on mental health within construction

But for those unaware of the charity as yet, let’s shed some light on the Lighthouse Club. Founded in 1956, this organization has been a beacon of support for construction workers and their families for over six decades. The charity’s mission is to provide financial and emotional support to those in need within the construction industry. From providing crisis helplines and mental health support to offering financial assistance in times of need, the Lighthouse Club Charity is a lifeline for many in the construction sector.


Robertson group and urban union looking to create good mental health conditions at work

Robertson Group’s Commitment to mental health at work

Robertson Group, a renowned construction and infrastructure company, has recognized the vital role of supporting their workforce in the construction industry. The physical demands, long hours, and potential risks associated with the job make it essential to focus on the well-being of all employees across the group. By becoming a Company Supporter of the Lighthouse Club Charity, Robertson Group has shown their dedication to creating a safe and supportive environment for their entire team – including Urban Union staff.


Emotional Well-Being

Construction can be a demanding profession, often taking a toll on the emotional well-being of workers. Robertson Group and Urban Union acknowledge the importance of providing a support system for our employees. By aligning with the Lighthouse Club Charity, we are not only providing access to vital resources but also helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues in the construction industry. Initiatives like this can save lives and improve the overall emotional health of workers.


Physical Well-Being

Safety is a top priority in the construction sector, but accidents can still happen. The physical well-being of construction workers is paramount. The Lighthouse Club Charity offers invaluable support to those who have suffered accidents or injuries while on the job. This commitment by Robertson Group and Urban Union ensures that our team members have a safety net to fall back on, assuring them that they are not alone during times of physical distress.

However they also have confidence in their Site Managers who take every precaution when the teams are on site, aiming to keep risk at a minimum.


Financial Well-Being

Financial stability is a cornerstone of a happy and productive life. The financial assistance provided by the Lighthouse Club Charity can be a lifeline to construction workers and their families in times of need. Robertson Group and Urban Union’s support further strengthens this aspect, reinforcing their dedication to the well-being of their workforce.


positive mental health should be a priority for all construction companies

We encourage you to focus on your own team’s mental health at work

Robertson Group and Urban Union’s decision to support the Lighthouse Club Charity has a positive ripple effect not only within the organisation but also within the construction industry as a whole. By setting an example of corporate social responsibility, we’re hoping to inspire other companies to take similar steps. The more companies that support organisations like the Lighthouse Club Charity, the stronger the safety net becomes for all construction workers.

It’s essential to remember that these skilled and hardworking individuals are key to the business and only when everyone is at their physical and mental best can we all contribute as a whole to the group and move forward.

We hope this partnership is another move closer to creating a safer, more supportive environment for all those who contribute to building our future.