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Keep your home warm!

According to PlumbNation we should wait until the clocks go back on October 31st to put our heating on – but in Scotland that just isn’t feasible. As winter sets in and we are spending more time at home – especially with working from home set to continue for several months. Therefore, it’s important that we keep our homes warm whilst keeping our energy bills down given how much energy costs have risen in the last year.

As we use our heating systems, tumble dryers, heated blankets and keep our lights on for longer, here are some tips to keep your home warm.

Duvet tog and soft furnishings

Many people use the same duvet all year-round and don’t consider a heavier weight tog for the colder months. To stay warm in bed at night, choose a 13.5 tog or higher in the winter months and around 10 tog in the summer. In addition, consider lots of layers with throws and blankets in different textures – not only will these keep you warm, they will also give your bedroom a chic style especially when using fabrics such as velvet and fur and deep sumptuous colours.


There are mattresses available that can regulate your body temperature with intelligent temperature regulating technology such as elite gel memory foam – helping you to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This can help you to get a great night’s sleep without having to leave the heating on during the night.


Blinds and curtains can keep the heat in and the cold out as well as looking great! Make sure that your curtains are lined, and black out curtains are often a heavier weight and have more heat insulation. You could also choose wood blinds, but these often only run to the edge of the window and don’t provide as much insulation.

It is estimated that your windows could cause up to 40% of your energy to escape which can be costly. New windows are highly energy efficient and will save you money in the long run.


Check the temperature your heating is set to – if it’s too high you’ll get too hot, leading to turning the heating down and finding the house gets too cold. This change in temperature will cost more than keeping it at a steady lower temperature of around 21 degrees whilst keeping you warm and comfortable. A smart system can also be used to turn off the heating if you are staying out as it will work remotely via your phone and lowering your energy consumption.

Never hang clothes on a radiator as this can prevent air circulation and take longer for your home to warm up increasing your energy consumption. In addition, make sure your furniture isn’t pushed up against radiators.

Buy new

If you’re looking for a new home – you could save a lot of money by buying a new energy efficient home.

By investing in a new, highly efficient home, your utility bills will be kept at a minimum. All newly built homes are highly energy efficient and will save you a huge amount on your bills compared to an older property.

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