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How to save energy at home

With household energy bills on the rise, there are several measures you can take to make sure that your home is working as efficiently as possible, helping you to save money – and the environment.

The great thing about buying a new home, especially an Urban Union property, is that it already has a high EPC rating with new double-glazed windows, an efficient boiler and insulation.

But even if you live in a home that’s energy efficient, there are some small things you can do to make significant savings and break bad habits around energy use.

In this blog we will highlight some of our best energy saving tips below.


monitoring your boiler to improve energy efficiency


Check your boiler

According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating and hot water typically account for over half of our energy bill, so it makes sense that you have an efficient one.

Primarily the age and efficiency of your current boiler, as well as the type of fuel that is used to heat your home will determine your energy usage.

That is why all of our new homes and apartments are fitted with a new combi boiler, which will heat water on demand, making them incredibly cost-effective and energy efficient.


Insulation of the home to reduce energy consumption


Ensure your home is insulated properly

The best way to ensure your home doesn’t waste heat is to ensure it’s adequately insulated.

Unless your home is newly built, you may lose a fair amount of heat through doors and windows, gaps around the floor or between floorboards, or out-of-use chimneys.

Remedy this by plugging in the gaps between your windows and walls with cavity wall insulation, filling cracks in the floors and gaps around skirting boards and doors, as well as fitting brushes where you have significant gaps at the bottom of internal doors.


Energy efficient electric central heating radiator


Reduce the temperate within your home

When your home is properly insulated, you can afford to turn your heating down by just one degree to make a big saving over the course of the year.

In fact, you can save 10% on your energy bill just by turning your heating down by as little as one degree.

And for the chillier nights, warm blankets are the perfect accessory to have in your home.


window letting in natural light to prevent wasting energy


Turn off switches to save energy at home

In a similar essence, it is also wise to minimise how often you are using your main lights and instead you should take advantage of natural lighting and smaller table lamps to reduce your energy usage.

Also make sure lights and plug sockets are switched off in any room not being used.

A smart meter is a great way to monitor this and quickly make changes to your current lifestyle.


water efficient shower head reducing energy bills

Reduce your water consumption

And finally, water is another area in which you can reduce your energy costs.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, reducing the length of your shower to just four minutes could save £95 per year.

You can also choose to fit an aerator to taps and showers, which makes more efficient use of water – using less energy to heat the water you use.

Energy efficient home with green plants to outside

Find your energy efficient home with Urban Union

We hope we have been of service and provided some quick and easy tips on how to save energy at home.

If you have been inspired by this blog, to reduce your energy consumption and enjoy lower energy bills, then reserving your own Urban Union home may be your next best move.

Click here for further information regarding our current developments, in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Energy Efficiency as Standard

Moreover, by being close to parks, amenities, and exceptional public transport links, you’ll have less reliance on the car.

So what makes our properties at Pennywell Living so energy-efficient?

  • Hi-efficient combi boiler
  • Fully insulated
  • High performance double glazed windows
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Less reliance on the car
  • Access to ‘Green’ mortgage deals

You’ll also have friendly neighbours, a vibrant community, super-fast connectivity and a great location. Your perfect easy-to-manage, energy-efficient home is now available at Pennywell Living in Edinburgh.

Here are some other ways you could save money on your bills this winter:

Use LED lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs last longer than standard bulbs and are efficient, too – helping to keep your energy consumption down. This is especially important in the winter when it’s darker for longer.

Use a microwave and air fryer

An oven uses a lot of electricity, and by switching to an air fryer which heats up straight away and a microwave which can heat food quickly, you’ll save money. Available from £35 in supermarkets.

Turn off appliances

By leaving your electrical items on standby, you will consume energy even though the items aren’t being used. Turn them off at the plug to keep your electricity bills down, including your television, games consoles, computers, printer, lamps and rarely used items. You could also invest in wireless plugs you can control from your mobile phone. When you purchase a new appliance such as a fridge, freezer, computer or monitor, they will give you the energy rating. Try to opt for items that are energy efficient and rated D or above.

Furniture and soft furnishings 

Move your furniture away from the radiators to allow the heat to circulate, and use thick-lined curtains to keep the heat in your rooms and stop it from escaping from the windows. Heated blankets and throws are also energy efficient and let you stay warm without turning your heating on.

Turn your heating down

It sounds obvious that turning your heating and hot water down by just one degree can make a difference to your annual bills.

If you’re considering a more energy-efficient home, take a look at the new homes available at Pennywell Living in Edinburgh.  We have some exceptional one and two-bedroom apartments for sale in various styles. One-bedroom prices start at £169,995, and two-bedroom apartments are from £189,995.