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Hedgehogs will get extra protection

Following a successful petition by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, developers will now have to consider the needs of hedgehogs when they build new homes. Over half a million people signed the petition calling for small holes in fences and even hedgehog highways so that they would have safe passage between different habitats.

Hedgehog hideaways make it easier for them to travel through back gardens so that they can easily find food and habitat. They are small holes in fences or boundaries can even be removed completely so that there is a free flow of space for them to roam. Every night they can travel up to a mile so it’s important to create a clear route for them.

Following a successful meeting between the BHPS and the Housing Minister, Kit Malthouse MP, all new homes will now feature 13cm gaps in fencing panels so that they can pass through uninterrupted.

Countryfile had been campaigning to protect hedgehogs for nearly 40 years and this is a significant breakthrough given that hedgehog numbers are declining whilst house building is set to increase.

In fact, urban hedgehog populations have fallen by up to 30% and rural populations by at least 50% since the turn of the century, according to the BHPS and much of this is due to destruction of their natural habitat.

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