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Energy Saving Tips – What Works and What Doesn’t

Over the last few weeks, we have seen reports of rising energy costs as energy companies pass on increases to consumers. Household energy bills look set to rise by hundreds of pounds next year and the energy price cap, which protects domestic consumers, could soar by £400 in the spring.

Energy regulator Ofgem said the price cap “will ensure that consumers don’t pay more than is absolutely necessary this winter” but if gas prices stay high, the price cap will rise.

A new home is extremely energy efficient and will reduce your energy costs drastically compared to an older property in need of replacement windows, insulation or roofing.

Many households already have become familiar with energy-saving hacks over the last month to lower monthly costs, but do you know which ones work and which ones don’t? With energy bills set to rise, now could be the time to make some simple changes and reduce your energy consumption.

What works:

Smart meter – Although a smart meter won’t save energy or reduce your energy bill, it can give you real time information on your energy usage and this allows you to nore effectively manage your usage and change your day-to-day behaviour.

Carpets – carpet offers great insulation especially in older homes where original floorboards have gaps which can let valuable heat escape. Carpet in combination with a high-quality underlay will result in less heat escaping – as will a thick rug.

Draft excluders – by putting draft excluders by your door or windows, you can stop valuable heat escaping. You could even put a sponge in the letterbox to prevent heat escaping outside.

Using appliances at night – firstly, check your energy tariff. Depending on which energy tariff you are on, it may that you are on an economy tariff which means energy is cheaper at night, in which case it makes sense to run your washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dryer at night.

Reflective panels – putting reflective panels behind the radiator is a popular energy saving hack, but this only works on external walls as it helps to prevent heat escaping outside – it won’t be effective if you live in a terraced house.

What doesn’t:

Painting radiators – another hack is to paint your radiators black but there is no evidence to suggest this works.

Turning off your hot water – this won’t save you money it’s better to insulate your boiler tank to prevent heat from escaping and if you’re on an Economy tariff turn your hot water on at night when it’s cheaper.

Leaving the heating on – some people believe it’s best to leave on your heating all day on a low setting, but it’s better to only heat your home when required. It’s also better to have a wireless system such as Nest or Hive so that you can ensure the heating is never left on as you’ll be able to turn it off and on when you aren’t at home.

Looking for a new energy saving home?

We are delighted to announce that we have released the long-awaited selection of one and two-bedroom apartments at our newest Glasgow development, Pollokshaws Living. Our previous release of properties in Glasgow’s southside were snapped up in just days and we anticipate a high level of demand for these apartments.

There are nine remaining one and two-bedroom apartments will soon be available to reserve with prices ranging from £160,995 to £179,995. Included in the release are:

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These impressive properties offer flexible accommodation ideal for first-time-buyers, second steppers looking for an additional bedroom to accommodate home working, professionals relocating close to transport links and amenities, and property investors.

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