Urban Union Supporting Our Young Workforce

National Apprenticeship Week 7 – 14 Feb

Creating opportunities for young people is a key aim for Urban Union across all our sites and we are extremely proud of all our apprentices.

Jimmy Callaghan & Jake Clark – Laurieston Living

Last year we ran a very successful First Direct Apprenticeship Programme. This enabled us to welcome two new apprentices for a total of 12 weeks.

National Apprentice Week raises awareness of apprenticeships and promotes a range of opportunities for young people in the UK.

Our apprentices were Jimmy Callaghan, 17, and Jake Clark, 19, and they joined us in an administrator and a labourer role, respectively. Throughout their 12-week placement, they undertook job-shadowing tasks and gained valuable work experience within the organisation. To ensure their understanding of construction sites, the apprentices also completed mandatory site safety training.

These young men both come from Glasgow’s G5 postcode, where a range of homes are currently being built as part of Phase 3 of the Laurieston Living development. Phase 2 has now sold out and we are now looking towards Phase 3  this year. Built in association with Gorbals Housing Association, Urban Union has delivered 364 affordable and private homes in the first phase of development.

Urban Union’s £140m revitalisation of the Gorbals area forms part of the wider ‘Transforming Communities: Glasgow’ programme that aims to regenerate eight key neighbourhoods across the city.

Find out more about Laurieston Living.

Paul Lee – Pennywell Living

Paul Lee took part in our apprenticeship programme and as a result of this apprenticeship, he secured a full-time role with Urban Union.

He spent a few months shadowing the Urban Union team in all areas of the site and learned about all the different trades that work on the site, from ground workers, joiners and painters, to labourers and brick layers.

Talking about his experience so far Paul said: “The placement’s been really good so far and I’ve been given more and more responsibilities as the weeks have gone on which has been great experience for me.

“There were a couple of different locations for placements to choose from and the school offered me Pennywell and I am so glad they did. I think it’s by far the best option as it’s a real working building site and has been an amazing way to learn more about how the construction industry works rather than just focussing on the theory behind it.

“This placement is the first time I’ve ever spent time on a site but my dad also works in the trade so I knew a little bit about what to expect beforehand.

“I would say I’ve genuinely learned something every day I’ve spent on site with the team and I definitely think it’s been just as useful, if not more so, than the lessons in school.

“I really liked the chance to explore all the roles of the different trades but joinery has definitely been my favourite area, which I’m really glad about as I’ve wanted to be a joiner since I was in P5!

“I’ve really enjoyed working alongside the guys at Pennywell and I can’t thank them enough for how much they’ve helped me get to grips with stuff like the language used and the different techniques. I look forward to the rest of the placement and hope I can continue coming in even after it ends in April.”

Find out more about Pennywell Living.

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