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Urban Union Celebrates Community Champions at The Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards

At Urban Union, we’re passionate about creating vibrant communities and supporting local causes that drive positive change. And we are proud to be able to extend this support to a number of registered charities across Scotland.

One such charity is The Scottish Civic Trust. Established in 1967, the charity plays a vital role in connecting people to their built heritage. Their commitment to high quality in planning and architecture, as well as conserving and adapting older buildings of distinction or historic interest are among the objectives that align closely with our own values at Urban Union.


urban union support charitable organisation The Scottish Civic Trust for second year

Urban Union’s partnership with The Scottish Civic Trust – how does it benefit others?

The impact of our contributions has been remarkable, particularly evident in our recent support of the revamp of their Doors Open Day website. Since its relaunch, the website has achieved an unprecedented milestone of one million visitors.

However, our commitment to making a difference extends beyond financial support. We believe in active, hands-on engagement with our partners. Most recently, our Managing Director, Neil McKay, had the privilege of presenting Eugenie Aroutcheff, Co-founder of Grow 73 in South Lanarkshire, with the prestigious My Place Community Champion Award.


Urban Union MD presents award at charity event for community champions

A bit about the My Place Community Champion for 2024

Eugenie’s remarkable work with Grow 73 embodies the spirit of community and we admire wholeheartedly her admiration for the environment. She and her team of volunteers have transformed unused land into a thriving community space, fostering learning, growth, and connection with nature for people of all ages. And their regular outreach efforts with local schools increase their impact and reach within the community.

Neil McKay, Managing Director of Urban Union, said: “It’s been an honour to sponsor this award for a second year and to help celebrate and recognise those who improve the environment and foster community wealth by enhancing local spaces. Urban Union understand this first-hand through our commitment of regenerating and transforming areas to create and foster communities. Eugenie’s achievements go above and beyond, and we pass on our congratulations for a deserving win.” 

Urban Union is honoured to play a part in supporting these endeavors and eagerly anticipates continuing our partnership with The Scottish Civic Trust and other community-focused initiatives in the future.


nominate someone you know for our The Scottish Trust's Community Movement

Interested in nominating a Community Champion for 2025?

Interested in nominating a project for next year’s awards? Nominations for the 2025 My Place Awards are still open. Stay tuned for updates and announcements by following The Scottish Civic Trust on their social media profiles.