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Have Yourself a Merry Eco Christmas!

We are well into the swing of things and Christmas is just around the corner! It’s been a challenging year and with restrictions set to continue for the time being you may not be thinking too much about the environment, but it’s important to all do our bit to be eco-conscious. In previous years, environmental issues and global warming have been a hot topic and once we get back to normal it will be again.

There are ways you can make your Christmas eco-friendly, here’s how:

Christmas tree

When it comes to Christmas trees, you could rent a real Christmas tree whereby a local farm or company will replant it for you after Christmas, or you could buy a planted one that you can replant and use the following year. If you do opt for a cut real tree, these are locally grown and sourced and fully recyclable (put it in or next to your brown bin – check with your local council) so it’s another great option. If you do opt for a plastic tree, the stats show that you’d have to use it for 22 consecutive years for it to become sustainable so make sure you buy one to last.

Christmas cards and wrap

Consider sending electronic Christmas cards and if you do want to post something to a friend or family member, choose a card made from recycled paper or one that donates part of the proceeds to charity. Alternatively you can buy plain cards and envelopes made from recycled paper on Amazon – so get the children to make them, which will be a lovely touch to any Christmas card!

Wrapping paper and gift tags are another item that you should be conscious of buying – the rule of thumb is that if it can be scrunched up and stays that way, it’s recyclable. If it springs back, then it is likely to have plastic in its composition.

Christmas lights

Swap your Christmas lights for LED bulbs which are much more energy efficient.

Food shopping

When shopping for Christmas food try and buy from local food producers and farms rather than the larger supermarket chains if you can – at the moment it’s important to buy local and support the independent businesses where we can.


Crackers get thrown away every year so consider making your own. This means you can fill it with something you know your guests will love rather than plastic items that ultimately end up in the bin.

Fresh foliage

Fill your home with natural products such as fresh Holly, Mistletoe and evergreen foliage. Use natural products to adorn your mantlepiece, for a wreath on your door, foliage on your staircase or just to hang in the kitchen for a festive feel. Use fairy lights for an added festive feel.  You can even place natural foliage around food serving plates and to frame candles as a centrepiece.

Follow these tips to not only help the planet but to give yourself a feel-good Christmas!