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The benefits of downsizing

Is your home too large, or have you decided that the home and garden are too much work lately?! If the answer is yes, there is a good chance that downsizing might be for you.

Downsizing at the right moment can be a chance to fit your home around a new lifestyle and turn out to be quite a joyous and exciting occasion. Although you may be attached to the memories and the family home, there are many benefits of moving into a new home and the gains can outweigh any loss.

Here are some of the things to consider before deciding downsizing is for you.

You could save on running costs

Downsizing might be a way to free up your finances and lower the running and maintenance costs of owning a larger home. If your home is in need of repair, it might be a good time to ask yourself if you should further invest in modernising and improving, or moving into a smaller home. This might free some equity, allow you to lower maintenance cost as well as free some of your time.

More locations to choose from

When your lifestyle changes and you start considering downsizing, it can be a good time to evaluate where you would like to spend your time. Will it be closer to family, or somewhere completely new where sunny weather is guaranteed? Would you like to spend life making new friends and exploring new places or are you perfectly happy with where you are? Everyone os unique, just consider your options carefully before making a decision.

Consider what you’ll miss

Of course all of the loving work you have put into your home and the memories built over the years will be missed if you decide to move. But will an easy to maintain, smaller living space free your time for something else? You could try a new hobby or spend more time with your family? Downsizing might come with a real sense of freedom, giving you time and financial freedom to travel perhaps.

The cost of moving

There are costs to consider when moving house, so make sure you have a calculation of moving costs, costs of buying and selling property, and perhaps the cost of new furniture to fit in the new space. Consider your time and make sure you filter through your belongings, all the mementos and family heirlooms, as this is not a time to rush, but enjoy and celebrate the transition to a new, exciting phase in your life. Contracting storage space for some of your belongings might be worth looking into, so make sure you take that potential cost into account as well.

At Urban Union we have the perfect properties for those wanting to downsize, freeing up valuable time and money to help you enjoy your home and the freedom it brings.