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North Four

Welcome to North Four, the fourth and final phase of Urban Union’s highly acclaimed and award winning Pennywell Living development in Edinburgh.

This collection of 94 brand new homes on the Northern edge of Edinburgh is thoughtfully designed, carefully built and ready for you to create your own memories and build your forever home.

Every highly sustainable, energy efficient North Four home is welcoming and easily maintained and has been individually designed creating a home for today and for tomorrow.

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North Four

Ferry Road, EH4 4PQ

T. 07386 651773

E. northfour@urbanunionltd.co.uk

What’s Available Now

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PlotNameTypeSq FtDescriptionStatusPrice
1The Weir (End Type 2)house1280Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
2The Hastingshouse970Three bedroom villaComing Soon
3The Hastingshouse970Three bedroom villaComing Soon
4The Hastingshouse970Three bedroom villaComing Soon
5The Weirhouse1280Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
6The Weirhouse1281Four bedroom townhouseAvailable£355,995
7The Hastingshouse971Three bedroom villaAvailable£310,995
8The Hastingshouse971Three bedroom villaAvailable£310,995
9The Hastingshouse971Three bedroom villaReserved
10The Weirhouse1281Four bedroom townhouseAvailable£355,995
11The Hastingshouse971Three bedroom villaReserved
12The Hastingshouse971Three bedroom villaAvailable£310,995
13The Hastingshouse971Three bedroom villaReserved
14The Hastings (End Type 1)house971Three bedroom villaReserved
15The Espie (End Type 1)house1360Four bedroom townhouse (End Type 1)Reserved
16The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseReserved
17The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseReserved
18The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseReserved
19The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseAvailable£330,995
20The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseAvailable£325,995
21The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseReserved
22The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseAvailable£325,995
23The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseReserved
24The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseAvailable£330,995
25The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseAvailable£325,995
26The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseAvailable£325,995
27The Espie (End Type 2)house1330Four bedroom townhouse (End Type 2)Reserved
28The Weirhouse1280Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
29The Calderhouse882Two bedroom villaComing Soon
30The Calderhouse882Two bedroom villaComing Soon
31The Calderhouse882Two bedroom villaComing Soon
32The Calderhouse882Two bedroom villaComing Soon
33The Calderhouse882Two bedroom villaComing Soon
34The Weir (End Type 1)house1280Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
35The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
36The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
37The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
38The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
39The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
65The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
66The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
67The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon
68The Espiehouse1360Four bedroom townhouseComing Soon

Laurieston Living

Laurieston Living is a great place to live at any stage of your life.

This new community is located just five minutes from the Glasgow City Centre’s whole host of amenities including bars and restaurants, independent shops and boutiques, health and sports facilities and transport links.

If you have a growing family, the development sits within walking distance of open green spaces at Glasgow Green - an ideal escape from city life.

For those looking to downsize or are entering your retirement years, you’ll be spoilt for choice with so many local amenities right on your doorstep - everything is within easy reach without the need for a car. Or if you are searching for a more energy efficient low maintenance home Laurieston Living provides all of this.


Laurieston Living

Laurieston Living, Off Bedford Street, Glasgow, G5 9LQ

T. 07386 651769

E. lauriestonliving@urbanunionltd.co.uk

What’s Available Now

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PlotNameTypeSq FtDescriptionStatusPrice
01The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
02The Mackieflat540One bedroom apartmentAvailable£180,995
03The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
04The Mackieflat540One bedroom apartmentSold
05The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
06The Coburgflat540One bedroom apartmentSold
07The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
08The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentReserved
09The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
10The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
11The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
12The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
13The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
14The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
15The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentSold
16The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentComing Soon
17The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentComing Soon
18The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentComing Soon
19The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentComing Soon
20The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentComing Soon
21The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentComing Soon
22The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentComing Soon
23The Denhamflat737Two bedroom apartmentComing Soon
51The Norfolkhouse1034Three bedroom townhouseSold
52The Cairnshouse1033Three bedroom townhouseSold
53The Cairnshouse1033Three bedroom townhouseSold
54The Cairnshouse1033Three bedroom townhouseSold
55The Cairnshouse1033Three bedroom townhouseSold
56The Cairnshouse1033Three bedroom townhouseSold
57The Kamalhouse1345Four bedroom townhouseSold
58The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom townhouseSold
59The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom townhouseSold
60The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom townhouseSold
61The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom townhouseSold
62The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom townhouseSold
63The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom townhouseSold
88The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseSold
89The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseSold
90The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseSold
91The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseSold
92The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseSold
93The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseSold
94The Kamalhouse1345Four bedroom townhouseSold
95The Kamalhouse1388Four bedroom townhouseReserved
96The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseReserved
97The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseReserved
98The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseReserved
99The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseReserved
100The Muirhouse1216Three bedroom TownhouseReserved
101The FarshadReserved

Coming Soon

Now Available

Laurieston Living

Scottish Property Awards 2023 Regeneration Project of the Year, Laurieston sees the latest release at phase three deliver 191 new homes and apartments. This award winning development continues Urban Union’s highly successful regeneration project of the Gorbals area which has already benefited from 537 new homes.

Phase three at Laurieston Living is set to complete in Summer 2026 and forms part of the wider Laurieston Transformational Regeneration Area (TRA), a £140 million revitalisation as part of the Transforming Communities: Glasgow (TC:G) is a programme that aims to regenerate eight key neighbourhoods across the city.

Recognised for outstanding work in creating new communities, this latest development project by the highly regarded and multiple award winning developer Urban Union sees the delivery of a collection of appealing one and two bedroom apartments and four and five bedroom homes.

As with all Urban Union homes, phase three at Laurieston Living will provide not only the comforts and efficiencies of a new build house but so much more.
Coming Soon

Hamiltonhill Living

A collaborative partnership with  Queens Cross Housing Association, Hamiltonhill Living is the latest housing development announced by our team at Urban Union.

Assisting in the regeneration of the Hamiltonhill area of Glasgow, we will be delivering a total of 600 new homes – 50% of which will be available for rent through the housing association and the other 50% will be available for private sale.

Comprising of a variety of different house types, we will be aiming to meet the needs of a wide range of diverse lifestyles and budgets, from first-time buyers to growing families.

Our specification includes apartments and terraced housing, all in close proximity of Glasgow City Centre.

The regeneration of the area will be delivered over a 10 year period, split over four phases, having initially launched in August 2022

    The Purchasing Process

    If you decide that buying a property is the right thing to do, it’s useful to understand the process and what lies ahead.

    There are several stages in the home buying process. From finding out about the development and properties available to getting financial advice on your mortgage options and reserving your new home. Every Urban Union development has a dedicated team including a Sales Advisor who will be your point of contact throughout the whole process. They are on hand to talk to you about the reservation, choices and selections, handover and after care should you require any further information, help or advice.

    The first step in the process is the reservation so if you would like to find out about any of our current or upcoming developments get in touch today.


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      We’ve already bought a home from this developer before

      "We've already bought a home from this developer before. We're really happy with them and we're looking forward to the summer. It's very energy efficient and modern."

      APlot 26, Edinburgh

      I’ve been very satisfied with what we’ve bought

      "I've been very satisfied with what we've bought and how we've been dealt with. The quality of the build is good. A previous development we seen made us look at other developments of theirs."

      APlot 129, Glasgow

      I have now bought from them twice

      "I have now bought from them twice. They are affordable."

      APlot 18, Edinburgh

      The homes are good value for money

      "The homes are good value for money. They delivered it on time and the staff were very informative. The homes are good quality."

      APlot 103, Glasgow

      It was a really good and smooth process

      "It was a really good and smooth process. They were very understanding of my circumstances. The location was convenient for me. The price was reasonable, especially for a two-bedroom flat in Edinburgh."

      APlot 7 , Edinburgh

      They do everything they say on the tin

      "They do everything they say on the tin. The communication is good, the prices are reasonable and it's very modern. It's a nice neighbourhood, it's not too expensive here and It's got everything going for it"

      APlot 90, Glasgow

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